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  • Mar 2021
    All I wanted was something with a spacious boot, fuel economy, and lowish kilometres and this provides all of that with the added bonus that it looks sleek and very modern.
    —Kathleen F - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Mar 2021
    Very good car
    —Aman S - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Mar 2021
    Excellent car
    —Rajesh M - 2013 Toyota Prius ALPHA S
  • Mar 2021
    It drives wonderfully and has a lot of space in the boot for traveling.
    —Wynand C - 2013 Toyota Prius A
  • Feb 2021
    Absolutely love it.
    —Martin B - 2013 Toyota Prius S
  • Feb 2021
    Great fuel efficient car. Love the phv charge option. Great car.
    —Michael P - 2013 Toyota Prius PHV Plug In Hybrid S Spec
  • Feb 2021
    Very good
    —Job I - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha
  • Feb 2021
    Very fuel efficient. I love that it can be an EV round town but I can still go long distance without paying the huge amount for a full EV to go that same distance. The visibility all round is great. It is spacious and comfortable.
    —Carol B - 2013 Toyota Prius PHV G Plug in Hybrid
  • Feb 2021
    As this is our second Prius. We are satisfied that we have chosen well. We had fifteen years trouble-free motoring from our first Prius!
    —Christopher P - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Jan 2021
    Really nice to drive. Very economical.
    —Louise T - 2013 Toyota Prius G's SPORT
  • Jan 2021
    If you are searching for a long-term vehicle that is very reliable, very fuel-efficient and has a 5-star safety rating with low cost of ownership and includes all the new technological features, then you cannot go wrong with the 2013 Toyota Prius.
    —SAI P - 2013 Toyota PRIUS / Multi Air Bags!!
  • Jan 2021
    We are still getting to know the car, but love it
    —Wendy B - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Jan 2021
    It has served us quite well ever since we bought. It was handed over quite well, clean and tidy. Also, we did save a lot in fuel.
    —Siegfred O - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Dec 2020
    Love how cheap it is to run Also good for the environment
    —Lloyd H - 2013 Toyota Prius 'S' Hybrid 1.8lt
  • Dec 2020
    Fantastic car - great room if you have tall teenage boys! Ouor first hybrid and we love it.
    —Louise C - 2013 Toyota Prius A
  • Dec 2020
    My journey home from Auckland to Hamilton was 220km, over which the prius used 20% of a 40 litre tank of 91 unleaded. I can't express enough how efficient this car is, as well as being a pleasure to drive!
    —Matthew M - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Dec 2020
    Fuel efficient vehicle with space required for family.
    —Jimmy T - 2013 Toyota PRIUS ALPHA 7 Seats
  • Nov 2020
    I think will very good and save on gas.
    —RAVINDRA N - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha
  • Nov 2020
    Very good family car, has the space I need, 7 seaters, economy to run.
    —FAI BBQ - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha 7 seaters 1800cc hybrid cruise control 8 airbags abs alloys
  • Nov 2020
    Great car for families and fuel economy
    —Dylan P - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha 7 Seater
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