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  • Oct 2020
    Very economical. Drives great, comfortable, has great looks, best of the Preus model.
    —Kelemete V - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha - Band Expander | Serviced
  • Oct 2020
    good fuel consuptipn,nice model
    —Yanan S - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Oct 2020
    —MARIAN C - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha
  • Oct 2020
    Toyota Prius is a good upgrade from Nissan Tida. Has lots of cool features to keep you occupied for some time.
    —Abhishek M - 2013 Toyota Prius Newshape, super low ks, as new
  • Oct 2020
    The Prius is easy to drive and handles well. I have not driven it much yet but I have no complaints so far. It is good to drive around town as automatic and at speeds lower than 50-55km/h is EV. This saves on fuel and lessens emissions which is good for environment. The Prius is comfortable to drive, I am six-foot tall and there is plenty of leg and headroom. There is also a lot of storage space in back a surprising amount of space. I recommend the Prius it is a good car like all Toyotas.
    —David L - 2013 Toyota PRIUS
  • Oct 2020
    I love the Toyota Prius and now I own two. The room in the back is exceptional and fits my mountain bike without an effort.
    —Vivienne G - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Sep 2020
    Best looking and most reliable car with great fuel savings
    —ANKIT K - 2013 Toyota PRIUS -S/ Multi Air Bag!!
  • Sep 2020
    very tidy car- extremely happy
    —Rajendra P - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Aug 2020
    Good car
    —Anna K - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Aug 2020
    —chandar D - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Aug 2020
    Fuel economy is excellent and is a pleasure to drive
    —Anna S - 2013 Toyota PRIUS PHV S 1.8lt Hybrid
  • Aug 2020
    Toyota prius is very reliable and fuel economy car also very cheap on maintenance thats the main reason i bought 2013 toyota prius.
    —MANTHANKUMAR D - 2013 Toyota PRIUS / Best Selling Economical Car!!
  • Aug 2020
    We're very happy with the car's features, the comfort, and the fuel economy. It was well worth upgrading the stereo screen to an English language interface.
    —Zita J - 2013 Toyota PRIUS ALPHA S
  • Aug 2020
    The car is really good
    —Sukhjeet K - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Aug 2020
    It's very economical and very useful for me in respect to fuel and power
    —Dharmendra N - 2013 Toyota PRIUS S
  • Jul 2020
    Good features as always for a Toyota. Easy controls to manage if mechanically you are a novice. Easy on the eye.
    —Julian G - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Jul 2020
    —Fidel S - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha
  • Jul 2020
    Our order of criteria for a car was: Good seats (driver has back issues) Excellent road safety and economical to drive. The Prius ticked all the boxes.
    —Jane A - 2013 Toyota PRIUS #CHECKOURDEAL
  • Jun 2020
    Very good condition.
    —KARAMJIT COURIERS LIMITED - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Jun 2020
    Very economical and reliable car. Having 7 seaters is very useful if you have a large family.
    —Yumi O - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha 7 seaters 1800cc hybrid automatic airbags abs alloys
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